5. Quantitative Impact Analysis

11.00-12.00 CET

This webinar will focus on SOCCRATES platform components that estimate the impact of a successful attack to determine the most optimal course of action: the Business Impact Analyser and the Response Planner. The Business Impact Analyser performs operational impact analysis when an attack reaches specific assets and aims at providing the SOC analyst with data to evaluate the level of emergency. The Response Planner computes a metric called Return on Response Investment (RORI) to determine which course of action yields the best financial benefits for the company. Combined, therefore, these components cover both operational and financial aspects of impact quantification, thus improving the ability of a SOC analyst to react to the most critical attacks in priority and to automate the deployment of optimal courses of action.

Christophe Kiennert
Associate Professor
Telecom SudParis
Hervé Debar
Dean for Research
Telecom SudParis