SOC Automation 101: Let’s Make the SOC Great (-er) Again!

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Wednesday August 26, 2020 4:00 PM – 5:10 PM CEST

SOCCRATES and the SECO institute jointly organize a webinar on August 26th (4 PM-5.10 PM CEST) about SOC automation. During this webinar we’ll evaluate automation as one of the solutions to overcoming major challenges that Security Operations Centers face today. We’ll evaluate time consuming tasks that could be automated to increase the efficiency of a SOC and help the Security Analyst to evolve from a fire-fighter to a more proactive response expert.

Rob van Os (SOC Manager at de Volksbank and member of the SOCCRATES stakeholder group) explains why and how a SOC should embrace automation to deal with ‘alert overkill’; manage security tools that generate a lot of data; increase SOC efficiency and outputs; and make the Security Analyst job ‘Great Again’. Erik Ringdahl and Frank Fransen from SOCCRATES deliver a short presentation and a demo of the Attack Defence Graph Analyser, that automatically and continuously generates models of IT architectures in a SOC to perform automated attack simulations and threat modelling, predict how attacks might propagate and suggest mitigations.

Participation is free upon timely registration:

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