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SOCCRATES at ONE conference 2021

Martin Eian (mnemonic) has given a presentation at the ONE conference 2021 on ‘SOCCRATES Project – Automating Threat Intelligence and Adversary Emulation’. A video of the presentation can be viewed here


SOCCRATES at 33rd Annual FIRST Conference

SOCCRATES provided two presentation at the (virtual) 33rd Annual FIRST Conference: “Crossing Uncertain Times,” on June 7-9, 2021.

* Martin Eian (mnemonic) provided a presentation on: ‘Adversary Emulation – Generating MITRE ATT&CK Technique Sequences’. The video is available on youtube.

* Erik Ringdahl (foreseeti) and Frank Fransen (TNO) provided a presentation on: ‘Attack Defense Graph Analysis for Supporting SOC and CSIRT Operations’. The video is available on youtube and slides are available below.


SOCCRATES introduction video

This video introduces SOCCRATES and its underlying concepts in an easy understandable way.

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