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The SOCCRATES Advisory Board (SAB) will form an independent review group of external (non-funded) experts within the areas of CSIRT organizations, academia, industry and regulations. SAB members provide external reflection on the operational and strategic direction of the project and are invited to project events, will contribute to the requirements, and should review project results, which will include both software and written deliverables. The SAB does not have a direct governing role in the project, but may be consulted by any of the other project roles or governing bodies. The composition of the SAB is:

  • Andy de Petter, Head of cyber security intelligence & incident response, Proximus (BE),
  • Frode Hommedal, Technical Director Cyber Threat Detection and Response, PwC (NO)
  • Dr. Judith E.Y. Rossebo, specialist cyber security & infrastructure – ABB (NO)
  • Martin Pekarek, Cybersecurity advisor Dutch National Cyber Security Center (NL)
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