Positive SOCCRATES mid term review

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SOCCRATES already is halfway its project lifetime, so we had our mid-term review  on Wednesday April 14th. We prepared for a day of presentations and demos and had very good questions from and discussions with our EU Project Officer (PO) and the three expert reviewers. They also provided us with some very useful suggestions. We received their first feedback at the end of the day (formal feedback report will follow). Although there were some attention points, overall feedback was that our PO and the reviewers were very happy with the progress we’ve made in the project. In particular the newly developed Adversary Emulation Plan tool, presented by Martin Eian (mnemonic), was considered to be really cool. It will be shared as Open Source soon. Our PO also requested us to share our vision on future SOC/CSIRT developments as early as possible, so this can serve as input on upcoming SOC/CSIRT initiatives at EU level. Of course we will gladly fulfill this honorable request.     

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