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Vision, Roadmap & Guidance for SOC

Organisations face the difficult task of detecting and responding to increasing numbers of cyber-attacks and threats, given that their own ICT infrastructures are complex, constantly changing and there is a shortage of qualified cybersecurity experts. To deal with these challenges, many organisations have increased their efforts in security monitoring and incident response and established (internal) SOCs and CSIRTs (or outsourced these tasks to a MSSP). But even with these increased defence efforts, the levels of cyberthreat exposure cannot be sufficiently reduced.

Continuous innovation and investment in automation is needed in SOCs and CSIRTs to stay ahead of the threats. The SOCCRATES Vision Paper provides a vision and concrete next steps on innovative security automation and answers questions such as ‘Why should we invest in automated security and how do you start?’, ‘What does the Next Generation SOC looks like?’ and ‘How can we integrate automation into our way of working?’.

Download SOCCRATES Vision Paper

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SOCCRATES final event
In autumn 2022 there will be the SOCCRATES final event, where we will demonstrate the SOCCRATES platform, share project learnings and explore future developments. You are cordially invited! Stay tuned to our website for details.

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