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The SOCCRATES Platform consists of multiple components. Each component provides a particular service within the security automation and decision support platform. On this webpage the software is listed for each component, including information on where to get the software and instructions for installation. The SOCCRATES Platform can be deployed as a whole, or individual SOCCRATES components can be integrated within your own security infrastructure. See deliverables D2.3 SOCCRATES platform System Architecture & Interface Specification and D6.4 Final version of the SOCCRATES Platform for more information.

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IMC Cortex Analyser

The IMC Cortex Analyser enables the OIE to get the UUID reference from the IMC for an asset based on an IP address. This cortex analyser was developed by Atos.

Available on / Contact Atos for information how to obtain this Cortex Analyser: …

Netflow adapter

The Netflow adapter converts netflow data to the IMC. It ingests the total number of flows per day between two IP addresses to the IMC component. The adapter supports traffic flows from nfdump, ElasticSearch and AWS VPC Flow Logs. The adapter was developed by TNO.

Available on <to be provided>

AD Adapter

The AD adapter is a Python component which is scheduled to query users, groups, organization units and their access rights for hosts in the network, extracted from Active Directory and transform them into IMC data model. AD adapter was developed by WithSecure.

Available on <to be provided>

RADAR Adapter

The RADAR adapter is a Python component, scheduled to query network and endpoint scanning results from RADAR and transform them into IMC data model. RADAR is a vulnerability scanner from WithSecure.

Available on <to be provided>


The IMC is based on the open source ACT platform from mnemonic and consists of a graph database, REST API, graphical user interface and trigger rule engine.

Available on <github page for IMC to be provided>

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