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The SOCCRATES Platform consists of multiple components. Each component provides a particular service within the security automation and decision support platform. On this webpage the software is listed for each component, including information on where to get the software and instructions for installation. The SOCCRATES Platform can be deployed as a whole, or individual SOCCRATES components can be integrated within your own security infrastructure. See deliverables D2.3 SOCCRATES platform System Architecture & Interface Specification and D6.4 Final version of the SOCCRATES Platform for more information.

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REASENS Framework is a hierarchical REAsoning system that enables the collection of events from distributed and heterogeneous SENSors. REASENS provides among others alert correlation and system state inference (under attack, normal operation, erroneous operation). REASENS was developed by AIT.

REASENS will become available as open source. Contact for more information:


AMiner (logdata Anomaly Miner) is part of the ÆCID system, a log-based anomaly detection system operating on logs collected from the network layer (e.g., firewalls, switches, routers) and application layer (e.g., Web servers, DNS, application servers etc.). AMiner was developed by AIT. For more information see ÆCID.

AMiner is available on

ABC Tool

ABC Tool is a netflow-based anomaly detection system, developed by TNO, for internal host communication profiling to detect among others lateral movement and data exfiltration.

ABC Tool is part of an Anomaly Detection product of  Sightlabs. Contact SightLabs for information.

DNS Ninja

DNS Ninja is an anomaly detection system, developed by TNO, that allows you to monitor internal DNS traffic and provides insight into potentially malicious nodes in your infrastructure.

DNS Ninja is a product of SightLabs. Contact SightLabs for information.


L-ADS is a netflow-based anomaly detection tool developed by Atos.

Contact Atos for information on how to obtain L-ADS:

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