Project challenge

How can SOC and CSIRT operations effectively improve their capability in detecting and managing response to complex cyber-attacks and emerging threats, in complex and continuously evolving ICT infrastructures while there is a shortage of qualified cybersecurity talent?

Main objective

Develop and implement a security automation and decision support platform that enhances the effectiveness of SOC and CSIRT operations.

More information

Introduction video

This video introduces the SOCCRATES project, its goals and the underlying concepts.


Open acces paper


Wojciech Wideł, Preetam Mukherjee, and Mathias Ekstedt from our partner KTH published in IEEE...

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Blog post: From Anomalies to Actions


Agron Bajraktari, Francesca Soro, David Allison and Paul Smith from our partner AIT wrote a...

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SOCCRATES final event: ‘Innovation for Next Generation SOCs’


Defending against cyber-attacks has become a challenging task for most organisations. How can we...

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